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Get Connected

Our Connect and Build classes are designed to get you planted at Life Bible Church. 

These classes are held Sundays during church for four weeks starting June 2nd, and will go over the basics of our church's beliefs, history, and mission, in order to give you an idea of what Life Bible Church is all about. If you are interested in becoming a foundational part of Life Bible, or are wanting to learn more about our church, fill out the form below and choose “Connect” under the “I want to enroll in…” dropdown to sign up. If you have already completed the Connect class, Build is the next step for you. To sign up for this class, fill out the form below, and choose and “Build”. Lead class is our newest offering, and will equip you to become a leader in our church. If you have finished Build class and want to finish our Life Tracks classes out, choose “Lead” on the form below.

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