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21 Day Fast

As a church, we will be participating in a 21 day Daniel fast in order to start the year off right. You can fast meat, sweets, media - whatever the Lord leads you to give up. Use this time to soak in the presence of God, read your word, and follow along with the church in our fast journal, written by members of our congregation. We look forward to God moving on our church as we obey what His word says about fasting and praying. 

Each week will have a specific focus, giving us a central point to pursue as a church body.

Week one: His Presence

Week two: His Will

Week three: The Lost

We will be doing a Daniel fast this year. What is a Daniel fast? 
During a Daniel fast you should simplify your diet and refrain from many of the rich foods that you might typically enjoy. It is important to remember that the intent of any fast is to deny yourself something that you would normally do in order to focus more specifically on the Lord and prayer. In considering a dietary fast such as a Daniel fast, it is best for each believer to prayerfully determine what things they will eat or not eat. The bible does not give us specific details, but rather says, "Daniel refrained from the King's rich food, ate vegetables and drank water." Daniel 10:3

Suggest foods to avoid:
Meats, fried foods, carbonated beverages, foods containing preservatives or additives, refined sugar (basically all desserts), sugar substitutes, white flour and all products using it, margarine, shortening, high fat products, alcohol

Suggested Daniel fast foods:
Whole grains (brown rice, oats, barley), legumes (dried beans, pinto beans, split peas, lentils, black eyed peas), all fresh fruits, all fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, liquids (water, 100% all natural fruit juices, 100% all natural vegetable juices), cheese and eggs

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Sunday Morning Service
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